REMINDER :: The registration and inventory system used for this sale allows you to enter your items AT ANY TIME! You can enter your inventory now and transfer it to the sale later. All your inventory will be stored as you enter it. GREAT TIME SAVER!!!


**OUR SALE LOCATION**  Riverstone Church 2005 Stilesboro Road - Kennesaw - 30152


Whether this is your first time selling at Born Again Blessings or you're a tenured pro,

please take a few minutes to review our policies below regarding the selling process.


How it works

Selling with us is so easy! Just follow these simple steps to get started:

Create an account to use for storing your information.

Register for the sale. Once you have an account and are logged in, you may register for the current sale until the registration deadline.



During registration, you will select an appointment for dropping off your items. You will also be assigned an appointment time for retrieving your unsold items after the sale.


Enter your inventory. After registration you can begin entering your items into inventory. The item pages provide a place to describe and price your items.


Print your tags. The inventory system allows you to print your bar-coded tags whenever you like. Be sure to follow the printing tips detailed further down this page.


Drop off your items. You will drop off your items at Riverstone Church during your scheduled appointment time. There will be signs directing you to drop-off. If your tags are printed and attached correctly, this process will go very quickly.

That's it!


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Prior to the sale you will drop off your items for check-in where we will inspect them and place them in their appropriate places on the sales racks. Sellers will be asked to aid in this sorting process. A specific DROP-OFF TIME IS CHOSEN DURING YOUR REGISTRATION.




PICK-UP TIME  5:30 p.m.        SELLER #s 1001 - 1050         COLOR GROUP: RED

PICK-UP TIME  5:45 p.m.        SELLER #s 1051 - 1100         COLOR GROUP: BLUE

PICK-UP TIME  6:00 p.m.        SELLER #s 1101 - 1150         COLOR GROUP: ORANGE

PICK-UP TIME  6:15 p.m.        SELLER #s 1151 - 1299         COLOR GROUP: GREEN

PICK-UP TIME  6:30 p.m.        SELLER #s 1300 - 1450         COLOR GROUP: PURPLE

PICK-UP TIME  6:45 p.m.        SELLER #s 3000 - 3085         COLOR GROUP: YELLOW

PICK-UP TIME  7:00 p.m.        SELLER #s 3086 - 3115         COLOR GROUP: BROWN


**NOTE** If you are transferring inventory items into the BAB sale from another CSA sale,  please mark those transferred items in RED and come during the first pick-up window at 5:30 p.m.


This color coding system will help to simplify the breakdown process and make sorting remaining inventory more accurately for seller pick-up, which ultimately benefits our sellers.


After the sale, if you have any unsold items that you are not donating, you will return to collect your items and your check. Please be sure to bring some type of large container to collect any unsold items.


Any items not picked up by 8 p.m. on Saturday night will be immediately donated. We can no longer take your items to be picked up at a later date. The seller will be responsible to check any unsold inventory at the time of pick up. Receipts for donated unsold items will not be provided. No exceptions can be made to this policy.


Printing Tags

Please follow these guidelines when printing your tags to ensure the highest quality tags for your items.

Tags should be printed on 65 lb. WHITE cardstock or thicker. Nothing else will be accepted.


Safety pins should be placed in an open area on the tag as to not interfere with tag contents or barcode.


Barcode lines should be clear with no "fuzziness" and/or "bleeding". You must be able to clearly see the black lines and spaces between. If you are using a color printer, please choose "Black Cartridge Only" when you print, otherwise your printer will use the color cartridge to print black and will not print optimally.



                   SELLER #s 1001 - 1050         COLOR GROUP: RED

                   SELLER #s 1051 - 1100         COLOR GROUP: BLUE

                   SELLER #s 1101 - 1150         COLOR GROUP: ORANGE

                   SELLER #s 1151 - 1299         COLOR GROUP: GREEN

                   SELLER #s 1300 - 1450         COLOR GROUP: PURPLE

                   SELLER #s 3000 - 3085         COLOR GROUP: YELLOW

                   SELLER #s 3086 - 3115         COLOR GROUP: BROWN


Every seller should color code their inventory tags using their group color. Please simply make a colored mark above your SELLER NUMBER on EACH tag. The most efficient way to do this is to print all tags and mark with your color BEFORE you begin cutting and pinning items on your inventory.


This color coding process will be double checked at your inventory drop-of. It will have to be done before your inventory can be added to the sale, so please do it BEFORE you arrive for drop-off.


** We encourage you to use standard CRAYOLA MARKERS for this process.  **













Some sellers have reported that Adobe Reader scales the tag pages down to fit printer margins which may affect the quality of the barcodes. This can be stopped by choosing "No Scaling" in the Adobe Reader print dialog screen. Print a test first--if the barcode looks clear, don't worry about changing anything.


DO NOT cover the barcode with tape, even if it is clear tape as this interferes with the scanners.


DO NOT scribble out anything on the tag. If you need to make changes to the tag, please change it in the system and reprint. However, adding additional handwritten descriptions is allowed as long as it does not interfere with the barcode.


DO NOT print duplicate tags. Each item is unique——one item for every tag. You must enter each item separately even if the description is the same.



















Web-based Inventory System

The web-based system allows our sellers to enter and manage their inventory with greater flexibility than ever before. It provides keyword searching, sorting, filtering, and updating of your inventory items as well as the flexibility to print your tags at your convenience. Tags can be printed even before all of your items are entered.





Terms and Conditions for Sellers

Registration Fee for each sellers is $5.00 (deducted from your final sales)


Only items for an upcoming season are accepted for a sale. (Fall/Winter items are accepted for the FALL sale, and Spring/Summer items for the SPRING sale.)


All clothing must be smoke-free and freshly laundered!!

  50 Item Minimum

300 Item Maximum



Remember to  be very detailed in describing your items. If a tag is lost, we look at the details we see and type them in to locate your tag. If you do not describe your item, we cannot look up your tag. For example, instead of little girls outfit say pink bunny on shirt and pink matching pants. This helps YOU make more money!!


VETERAN SELLER TIP :: We strongly urge you to consider selecting half price for any items you are donating. Often these items will sell at half price which increases your overall profits!


All clothes must be on hangers with the tag safety-pinned to the front left shoulder of the garment and the hook turned away from the tag.


Please sort your clothes in SIZE and GENDER order. Per request of our sellers, we are ask that you help sort your items during check-in.


Please remember that we DO accept MATERNITY and JUNIORS clothes. Juniors items should be specifically geared for teenagers and not just small adult clothes.


Shoes should be in first-class condition (not badly scuffed or dirty) and placed in a Ziplock bag or zip tied together. Zip ties must be actual ZIP TIES, not twist ties! DO NOT tape Ziplock bags. DO NOT put shoes on hangers. Attach tag with shipping or masking tape to the outside of the bag. Although not required, it is suggested that you print a second copy of your tag for shoes and attach it to the sole or place inside one of the shoes. This is helpful if your shoes ever get separated from the bag they came in.


Layette items (comforters, bumper pads, bedding items, etc…) must be on hangers with tag safety-pinned to item.


Accessories (belts, socks, hairbows, tights, hats, etc…) must be in Ziplock bags with one tag taped on the outside of the bag. We suggest that you print an extra tag and fasten it to the item with a safety pin as well. Use clear packing tape to attach tag to the outside of the Ziplock bag. We will not accept these items if the above instructions are not followed.


Toys and games must have all pieces and be in good working order. Place batteries in toys. Attach tag to toy with shipping or masking tape. Toys with pieces should be sealed in Ziplock bags and taped shut with the tag taped to the outside of the bag.



If you have an item that has multiple parts, secure those items together or adequately mark them to prevent separation. The system will automatically print up to 5 supplemental tags for multi-piece entries, so please use these to tag those items. Born Again Blessings is not responsible for parts that become separated during the sale.

If you are selling items that are Husky or Slim, they will sell better if you type that in All CAPS in your description.

Multi-piece items that are of different sizes should be tagged with the smallest size of the lot.




The Born Again Blessings Committee reserves the right to reject any items that may be inappropriate. Please carefully review the following restrictions:


We DO NOT accept SKULLS of any kind, skeletons, witches, monsters, toy guns or other violent weapons.  Specific brands that we do not accept include, but are not limited to, Goosebumps, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.


We DO NOT accept movies with PG-13 or R ratings. G and PG rated movies are acceptable.


We DO NOT accept rated M video games or videos intended for adult audiences. No digital media that may be offensive or frightening to children.


We DO NOT accept items that are suggestive or vulgar in nature.


We DO NOT accept stuffed animals unless they are new in the packaging. This excludes educational talking toys – we will accept plush educational talking toys.


We DO NOT accept pillows unless they are new in the packaging.

This policy EXCLUDES boppy pillows – we will accept clean but gently used boppy pillows.


We DO NOT accept underwear unless it is new in the packaging.


We DO NOT accept pacifiers unless they are new in the packaging.


We DO NOT accept car seats that are older than 10 years from the manufactured date (typically found on the underneath or side of each seat).


The Born Again Blessings Committee is not responsible for lost, stolen, broken or soiled items associated with this sale.


Preview / Early Shopping Times

(Preview Sale is not open to the general public)


Thursday, AUGUST 16, 2018

  • 4:30 PM - Volunteers working 2 shifts
  • 5:30 PM - Volunteers working 1 shift
  • 6:30 PM - Sellers
  • 7:00 PM - Educators with ID & First-time parents
  • 8:30 PM - Preview Shopping ends


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